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Shortcodes included with Dokan

Dokan is a popular multi-vendor marketplace plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to create and manage a marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products. Dokan provides several shortcodes that you can use to display various elements and functionalities on your marketplace pages. Here are some of the essential shortcodes provided by Dokan:

1. Store Listing Shortcode:
– `[dokan-stores]`: Displays a list of all the stores/vendors on the marketplace.

2. Store Page Shortcode:
– `[dokan-store]`: Displays a single vendor’s store page with their products.

3. Store Category Wise Product Listing Shortcode:
– `[dokan-product-cat]`: Displays products from a specific category of a vendor/store.

4. Vendor Dashboard Shortcodes:
– `[dokan-dashboard]`: Displays the vendor dashboard page.
– `[dokan-edit-account]`: Displays the vendor account settings page.
– `[dokan-orders]`: Displays the vendor’s orders page.
– `[dokan-products]`: Displays the vendor’s products page.
– `[dokan-add-product]`: Displays the form to add a new product by the vendor.

5. Vendor Registration Shortcode:
– `[dokan-vendor-registration]`: Displays the vendor registration form.

6. Store Settings Shortcode:
– `[dokan-store-settings]`: Displays the vendor/store settings page.

7. Store Location Shortcode:
– `[dokan-store-location]`: Displays the vendor/store location map.

8. Store Support Shortcode:
– `[dokan-store-support]`: Displays the vendor/store support contact form.

9. Store Support Topics Shortcode:
– `[dokan-support-topics]`: Displays the vendor/store support topics list.

10. Store Reviews Shortcode:
– `[dokan-store-reviews]`: Displays the vendor/store reviews.

11. Vendor’s Published Product Listing Shortcode:
– `[dokan-best-selling-product]`: Displays a vendor’s best-selling products.

12. Vendor’s Featured Product Listing Shortcode:
– `[dokan-featured-product]`: Displays a vendor’s featured products.

13. Vendor’s On Sale Product Listing Shortcode:
– `[dokan-on-sale-product]`: Displays a vendor’s products on sale.

These shortcodes allow you to create custom vendor pages, display store listings, show product listings by category or vendor, and create custom vendor dashboards.

You can use these shortcodes in your WordPress pages or posts to showcase different aspects of your Dokan multi-vendor marketplace. For more information on how to use these shortcodes and their customization options, you can refer to the official Dokan documentation or documentation provided by the plugin’s developers.

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