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How to add custom style and script in wordpress

`wp_enqueue_scripts` is a crucial action hook in WordPress that allows you to enqueue or register scripts and stylesheets properly. It is commonly used by theme and plugin developers to load necessary CSS and JavaScript files onto the front-end of a WordPress website.

How to log information, warnings, errors In wordpress

To create a custom write_log() function for WordPress, you can use the error_log() function to write messages to the error log. This function will allow you to log information, warnings, errors, or any other messages during development or debugging.

To list down future posts in WordPress

To list down future posts in WordPress, you can use the `WP_Query` class to customize the query and fetch future posts. The future posts are the ones with a post status of “future,” and their publication date is scheduled in the future.

How To Add New Post Type And Custom Taxonomy

In WordPress, `register_post_type` and `register_taxonomy` are essential functions that allow you to create custom post types and custom taxonomies, respectively. Custom post types and taxonomies give you the flexibility to organize and display different types of content beyond the default posts and pages.

Delete Product Image With Product Delete In WooCommerce

In WooCommerce, when you delete a product, by default, the product images are not automatically deleted from the server to avoid accidental data loss. However, you can add a custom action to delete the product images when a product is deleted. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieve this: