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Remove Welcome Panel from WordPress

In WordPress, the “Welcome” panel is a dashboard widget that appears for new users or users who haven’t dismissed it yet. It provides some basic information and links to help users get started with WordPress. If you want to remove the “Welcome” panel from the WordPress dashboard, you can do so using either a plugin or custom code.

Option 1: Remove “Welcome” Panel Using a Plugin

1. Install and activate the “Disable Welcome Panel” plugin. You can find this plugin on the plugin repository.

2. Once activated, the “Welcome” panel will no longer be displayed on the WordPress dashboard.

Option 2: Remove “Welcome” Panel Using Custom Code

If you prefer to remove the “Welcome” panel using custom code, follow these steps:

1. Open your theme’s `functions.php` file or create a custom plugin file.

2. Add the following code to remove the “Welcome” panel:


function custom_remove_welcome_panel() {
    remove_action('welcome_panel', 'wp_welcome_panel');
add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'custom_remove_welcome_panel');


3. Save the changes, and the “Welcome” panel will be removed from the WordPress dashboard.

Note: If you’re using a custom theme, it’s generally better to use the custom code approach to avoid unnecessary dependencies on additional plugins.

Please remember that removing the “Welcome” panel doesn’t affect the functionality of your WordPress site; it simply removes the introductory panel that appears on the dashboard. The core features and functionality of WordPress will remain unaffected.



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